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A Play on Literacy

discusses the literacy developmental milestones for ages 6 months through 5 years. It is an in depth training on how to implement literacy into the classroom environment for more meaningful activities, and how to assess children’s literacy development. It also includes information on how to implement adaptions for children with disabilities. 2 hours of Curriculum $20.00


Lego On: Building Your Preschooler One Colorful Brick at a Time

This competent level training will provide fun strategies for participants to implement into their programs involving Legos across all learning domains. Participants will learn that Legos are not just for building objects, but are for building essential skills that will help their children succeed. Pre-requisite knowledge and application of intentionally using play as the foundation for learning and development in all domains is required. Core of Knowledge: 3 Hours of Curriculum $30.00


Basic Health & Safety Training

This workshop provides an overview of basic health and safety topics including the prevention and control of infectious diseases, SIDS, shaken baby syndrome and head trauma, food allergies, vehicle and transportation safety, child abuse, building safety and others. This workshop will satisfy the anticipated COMAR required training per federal CCDBG/CCDF guideline MSDE Core of Knowledge: 3 Hours Health, Safety and Nutrition 


STEAM on a Budget: Creating Fun, Inexpensive, and Interesting STEAM Activities for School-Aged Children

In this training, participants will teach how to develop, plan and create an environment that supports STEM education, plan play-based STEM activities that are integrated with other content areas and across multiple domains and planning, implement and facilitate STEM activities so that activities are appropriate, culturally responsive and adaptable for youth with differing abilities.   COK: 2 hours Curriculum   $20.00

May 2, 2018 - 6:00 pm to May 9, 2018 - 8:00 pm

Inclusion and Maryland EXCELS


Participants will identify the difference between ADA requirements and early childhood inclusion, familiarize themselves with the documents and elements of the IEP and IFSP and develop an inclusion policy that aligns with the Maryland EXCELS rationale for implementing inclusive practices in child care programs.


Introduction to Healthy Beginnings

This 6-hour workshop provides a foundation for understanding and using Healthy Beginnings as a child development tool.   An introduction to the new Healthy Beginnings guide is provided and connections are made between the new guide and MMSR.   Core of Knowledge :  2 hrs Curriculum, 1 hr Child Development, 2 hrs Community, 1 hr Professionalism   Lunch will be provided


Allegany Provider Appreciation

Allegany County Provider Appreciation Please join us for an evening of celebration in honor of YOU and all you do as an early childhood professional.   May 10, 2018 6:30 pm—8:00 pm 11046 New George’s Creek Road, SW Frostburg, MD


Wings to Fly

Washington County Provider Appreciation

Celebrate Teacher/Provider Appreciation Week with a Dessert Reception. Join us for a fun-filled evening to celebrate YOU and all you do as an early childhood professional. $10.00    Must register by April 29, 2018


Understanding the Connection Between Movement and Academic Success in Infants and Toddlers

This workshop impresses upon the participants the value of free movement for infant and toddler development as it relates to their academic success.  COK: 2 hours Child Developement


Learning to Learn: Making Sense of Infant and Toddler Learning for Meaningful Curriculum

This workshop will look at simple moments of play, exploration, and interaction with objects and people in relation to how infants and toddlers learn. COK: 2 hours Child Development