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Track your Fingerprint Reimbursement Submission

As many of you are aware, the fingerprinting reimbursement process has not gone as smoothly as we had hoped. We have a rather large backlog that we are working hard to reduce. In the beginning, we had to return over 75% of the submissions we received because of incorrect information, missing information, etc. We are down to about a 40% return rate right now.  

We originally anticipated reimbursements would be issued by the Comptroller's Office between 45-90 days after we received the reimbursement requests. Unfortunately, that isn't happening. Some people still have not received their reimbursements from November. We are working hard, and have pulled as many hands-on-deck as we can, to help us process your requests faster.   

Please visit the fingerprinting website to ensure you are submitting all required documentation and filling the forms out correctly. (

Two Ways to Contact DECD regarding fingerprint reimbursement:

  1. E-mail is preferred: If you need clarification, or would like to pre-submit your submission for a quick review, please email Levette Trusty-Woodrum at  You will need to email the invoice, the W-9 and a sample of some of the receipt.     Levette will review your submission for some of the most common mistakes and let you know how to fix them before you submit paperwork for processing. Or you can ask her questions and she will respond. 
  2. Phone: Levette is available by phone to assist you on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 9:00-11:00am.  Her telephone number is 410-767-0583. 

You will also find tracking logs on the upper right corner of the fingerprinting website named Fingerprint Submission Log.  Please use those links. You will know if we have received your request and where it is in our internal review process. The file is updated every Friday.


Fingerprinting Processing & Updates

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