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Do You Use Locate: Child Care Service?

Do You Use Locate: Child Care Service?

Locate:  Child Care for Providers

How can you help LOCATE and yourself?
LOCATE: Child Care staff depend on complete and accurate information
in order to serve the needs of the parents.
Providing your fee schedules allows for an accurate cost of care analysis.

Here is how you can help: 
• Complete the annual database questionnaire.
• Let LOCATE know when there are changes in your program, such as hours and fees.
• Call the Provider Support Line monthly with your vacancy information

Have you updated your LOCATE program information in the past year? 
You now have two easy ways to update your record. You can enter your program information online:

Access the Family Child Care Provider Online Questionnaire here
Access the Group Program Online Questionnaire here

Or you can also download and print a copy of the appropriate questionnaire:

Download Family Child Care Provider Questionnaire here
Download Group Program Questionnaire here

After completing the questionnaire, return it to LOCATE by either:
Faxing it to 410.385.0561 or, scanning the completed form and emailing it to: [email protected] or,
Mailing the completed form to:
LOCATE: Child Care
1001 Eastern Avenue, 2nd floor
Baltimore, MD 21202

The Locate Provider Support Line is also available to you.  

You may call 1-866-752-1614 to report
information on your child care program, such as vacancies, fee changes, and other record updates.

Additional resources for providers can be found here.
Download the Locate: Child Care Brochure for Providers

Locate: Child Care for Parents 


Selecting child care is one of the most important decisions a family will ever make.
Take the time to make the right choice—the first five years last forever.

Maryland Family Network’s LOCATE: Child Care is a free,
referral service with detailed information on all regulated child care in Maryland.  
Our trained referral specialists will help you identify care based on your personal
preferences including program type, location and cost.
Reliable child care is just a phone call away.

 A trained LOCATE: Child Care Referral Specialist is ready to
help you select the best child care option for your family. (Toll-Free) 877.261.0060.  
Read more here about the many services offered to parents by Locate: Child Care. 
Download the Locate: Child Care Brochure for Parents


A parent who is dissatisfied with a caregiver may call a state-licensing specialist at the
Western Maryland Office of Child Care with the Maryland State Department of Education
at 301-791-4585 to register a complaint.

The parent may also register a complaint with the LOCATE service
at 877-261-0060 or with APPLES for Children.
The Counselor or APPLES staff member who receives this type of call
is prepared to discuss your concerns. In addition, we will respond objectively to the
concerns without forming a judgment about the child care provider or program.

Some difficulties can be worked out over a period of time. Accordingly, the caller is provided
with suggestions on how to approach the caregiver or center director, when appropriate.
However, if the parent feels the situation is serious enough to warrant an investigation
by the appropriate authority, the LOCATE Counselor or APPLES staff member encourages
the parents to report the violation and gives contact information for the person(s)
to whom complaints should be addressed.

For a full statement of the Maryland Child Care Network LOCATE Complaint Policy, click here.

Contact APPLES at 301-733-0000 or 800-924-9188 for further information.


“This publication was produced as a work for hire for the benefit of,

with funds from, the Maryland State Department of Education.”