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LOCATE Child Care

Through LOCATE: Child Care, families can access free, one-on-one telephone counseling support for parents and guardians seeking licensed child care in Garrett, Allegany and Washington Counties. Our experienced counselors are eager to speak with you, so contact us today at 1-877-261-0060!

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Online Searches

LOCATE Assist enables parents and guardians to conduct self-guided online searches for regulated child care programs in Maryland that include family child care, child care centers, before and after school programs, summer camps, Head Start programs, nursery schools, part-day programs, and private kindergarten programs.

After School Activities provides online access for parents and children who are searching information about after-school activities and programs of all kinds. Currently, this database contains information on over 2,200 after-school programs, including all regulated after-school programs in the state of Maryland.

Complaint Policy

A parent who is dissatisfied with a caregiver may call a state-licensing specialist at the Western Maryland Office of Child Care with the Maryland State Department of Education at 301-791-4585 to register a complaint.

The parent may also register a complaint with the LOCATE service at 877-261-0060 or with APPLES for Children. The Counselor or APPLES staff member who receives this type of call is prepared to discuss your concerns. In addition, we will respond objectively to the concerns without forming a judgement about the child care provider or program.

Some difficulties can be worked out over a period of time. Accordingly, the caller is provided with suggestions on how to approach the caregiver or center director, when appropriate. However, if the parent feels the situation is serious enough to warrant an investigation by the appropriate authority, the LOCATE Counselor or APPLES staff member encourages the parents to report the violation and gives contact information for the person(s) to whom complaints should be addressed. Click here for a full statement of the Maryland Child Care Network LOCATE Complaint Policy.

Contact APPLES at 301-733-0000 for further information.