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In Person/Virtual Training

APPLES offers a variety of Maryland State Department of Education approved Core of Knowledge trainings that meet all licensing requirements, fulfill credential requirements and allow you to grow professionally. Our highly qualified instructors possess a variety of experiences that include child development, classroom environments, inclusion, challenging behaviors, leadership, and business management. Our trainers are skilled in creating and delivering interactive and experiential learning experiences. Workshops are offered in the evenings and on Saturdays throughout the Western Region. APPLES staff are available to help participants make appropriate choices that enhance their professional development. Click below for a list of current classes.

Important Registration Policies

  • You must pre-register for workshops unless otherwise indicated. Registrations are first come, first served. You can register online with a credit card of by mail with a check, money order, or credit card number. We accept VISA and MasterCard. There is a $36 fee for returned checks
  • There are no refunds. If you must miss a workshop for which you are registered, credit to be rescheduled/transferred to another workshop will be given if APPLES is notified 48 hours or more prior to the workshop. Leaving a phone message by calling 301-733-0000 constitutes notice. No credits are issued for late cancellation of absences.
  • Workshop confirmations are not mailed. You may call us to confirm your registration.
  • Workshops begin promptly at the time listed. Please arrive and sign in 10 minutes prior to the start of the workshop. The door is locked after the workshop begins and you will not received a certificate, refund, or transfer for the workshop.
  • Please make other arrangements for care of your children during workshop hours.
  • Any photos taken by APPLES presenters may be used for APPLES publications.
  • If schools close due to severe weather conditions in the county in which the workshop is scheduled, the workshop will be cancelled. Attempts will be made to reschedule.
  • As a courtesy to workshop presenters and fellow participants, cell phones must be turned off or on vibrate while class is in session.

All workshops are open to the public and are approved by the Office of Child Care. Training Certificates are issued for all workshops. Training Approval Numbers: CKO-160224 and PSO-160226.

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