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Western Maryland's Child Care Resource Center, under the auspices of APPLES for Children, Inc., serves Garrett, Allegany and Washington counties!  We are committed to supporting the well-being of children and families by promoting the availability of quality child care services in the area. We work with parents, child care providers, businesses, and community organizations to provide education and training and act as a bridge to other important resources at the local, state, and national levels.

We provide parents with:

  • Child care referrals
  •  Information on evaluating quality child care
  • Resources on various parenting issues

We offer child care providers

  • Access to valuable training based on evidence and best-practice
  • Support services for new or established programs
  • Lending library resources

We also works to assess the needs of our community and promote quality child care and healthy families by providing educational events, early childhood mental health consultants, and infant/toddler specialists. We hope you enjoy the information and resources we offer on our website.   Feel free to contact us with any questions.