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Creating a Healthy Social-Emotional Climate

Have you visited the SEFEL (Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning) website since it was updated in April?  Click here and you will find a wealth of information and resources to assist you in creating a healthy social-emotional climate in your child care program.  

You will find free online SEFEL training modules for Preschool, Infants/Toddlers, Leadership,and Trauma Informed SEFEL.  These modules provide a foundation and understanding for why it is so important to include Social and Emotional learning throughout your day.   "Strategies for Teachers/Providers"  is available by clicking here.  This interactive tool helps identify strategies to use for a variety of challenging behaviors you might be experiencing in your program.    

Visit the website today and look at all the valuable resources available!  If you need further assistance with helping children in your program develop better social-emotional skills, call APPLES at 301-733-0000. Behavior Support Specialists are available to help in Allegany, Garrett, and Washington Counties.