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Changes in Procedures for Criminal History Information

When an employee leaves, it is your responsibility to contact the Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) to have that person removed from your employment roster. Once someone leaves your employment, you are no longer legally entitled to receive criminal history information on that person.

  • To request the roster of employees for your organization, send an email to: [email protected] You can email the list, with an ‘X’ next to the names of the people you want to remove, by returning the list (in the same format) via email to: [email protected]


  • If your roster is current and you would like to remove just one person, you must send an email with the tracking number that was on the criminal background history report and the name of the person.


  • You must also contact your licensing specialist (in writing) to inform them of the staff change. Once the person is no longer employed by your organization, the Office of Child Care is also no longer legally entitled to receive criminal history information on that person and we must remove them from our roster. In addition to notifying CJIS and your regional office, you must also notify TJ Bennett at [email protected] as well. Ms. Bennett has the responsibility of ensuring our rosters remain up-to- date so that we are in compliance with the rules governing criminal history record checks. .


  • You can send one email to all three (CJIS, your licensing specialist and Ms. Bennett) and you will have met the requirement. Please be sure to include the full name and the tracking number for each person.


  • Family and large family child care providers - If you decide to close your business, you are required to report this to the regional licensing office and Ms. Bennett. Remember to include the names of any other people who were required to be fingerprinted as part of your family child care business and the tracking numbers that were on the criminal background history report.
  • Everyone - Also – and this is the MOST important of all – if you are hiring a contractor (such as a general contractor who is going to do some maintenance for you, etc.) and you are requiring them to get a criminal background check – do NOT give them the authorization number for the Office of Child Care. You should supply them with your authorization number only. The Office of Child Care is not legally permitted to have information on these contractors since they aren’t providing child care services.

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