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6 Ways to Support Preschooler's Social–Emotional Learning at Home and in School

High quality social-emotional learning (SEL) curricula have been shown to improve children’s social and emotional competencies significantly — and these are key contributors to kindergarten readiness.

But implementing a curriculum is not the only way that preschool teachers and parents can support children’s SEL. Every adult who regularly interacts with your child has the opportunity to contribute to her SEL in a variety of ways.

Traditionally, SEL has been considered part of the parents’ realm. But as kids spend increasing time in child care and preschool, care providers and teachers are being held accountable for a child’s SEL needs, too. In truth, all adults actively provide a model for social and emotional competencies, and the more closely parents and caregivers align in their modeling, the more consistent the lessons they convey will be.

Here are some ways that adults can support children’s understanding of emotions and engagement in competent social interactions.

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