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Eye Contact With Your Baby Helps Synchronize Your Brainwaves

Making eye contact with an infant makes adults' and babies' brainwaves 'get in sync' with each other -- which is like

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Redesigning Early Ed

The science of early learning and development is yielding new insights for early childhood educators, offering a prom

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10 Things to Know About Math

Math is important and it’s important to help young children develop their mathematical thinking.

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Gardening with Kids: How It Affects Your Child’s Brain, Body and Soul

For parents struggling to find ways to encourage their kids to eat a healthy and balanced diet, gardening can be an i

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A Prescription for . . . Resiliency?

 Public health experts know that much of what makes adults unhealthy has roots in childhood, in the adve

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Why Emotions Are Integral to Learning

We all have good and bad days; moments of excitement, engagement, and inspiration and moments of disappointment, dise

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5 Steps To Nurture Emotional Intelligence in Your Child

When we help our children feel safe enough to feel and express their emotions, we not only heal their psyches and bod

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Three Benefits from Exposure to Music

Think about your favorite song. Do you sing along? Do you tap your foot? Do you dance?

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Picture This: Using Art To Explore Math

It’s easy to view art and math as completely separate subjects. Right brain vs. left brain. Creative vs. analytical.

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Western Maryland's Child Care Resource Center, under the auspices of APPLES for Children, Inc., serves Garrett, Allegany and Washington counties!  We are committed to supporting the well-being of children and families by promoting the availability of quality child care services in the area. We work with parents, child care providers, businesses, and community organizations to provide education and training and act as a bridge to other important resources at the local, state, and national levels...

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