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How children’s brains develop to make them right or left handed

As children grow older, they tend to favor one hand over the other for certain tasks, particularly for writing or drawing. A child’s “handedness” is generally categorized as right, left or mixed, and tends to settle around the same time they acquire language – about four-years-old. It remains a persistent characteristic throughout our life.

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Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week May 1-7

May 1-7 is Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week in 2016. Recognizing the importance of mental health awareness and the expressive power of artistic pursuits, Maryland’s First Lady, Mrs. Yumi Hogan, invites youth to participate in a statewide art project. Children and youth are asked to create artwork expressing something which makes them feel mentally happy, healthy, and/or hopeful. National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day is Thursday May 5th. Wear green to show your support!

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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week (May 2-7)  #ThankATeacher

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HCC Offering 90 hours of Child Care Training

Hagerstown Community College is offering 90 hours of childcare training in partnership with Howard Community College through continuing education. To meet the current educational requirements for certification as a care teacher, you must have a high school diploma or an approved certificate of high school equivalency, and have successfully completed two 45-hour courses (1 course in Curriculum and 1 course in Child Development).

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Washington County Gives 2016!

On Tuesday, May 3, Washington County Gives will host 24 hours of giving - an on-line "give-a-thon" for participating non-profit agencies. On this day, we ask you to support APPLES for Children with your donations. Today, we ask you to spread the word about Washington County Gives.  Like us on Facebook, forward this email, or both!

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Preparing for The Week of the Young Child

The Week of the Young Child™ is an annual celebration sponsored by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) celebrating early learning, young children, their teachers and families.  Celebrate this year on April 10th-16th.  Need some ideas on how to celebrate in your classroom or at home?

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Early Intervention (EI): Supporting infants and toddlers

At some point almost all early educators work with a child who receives or needs early intervention (EI) services. Early intervention consists of services and supports designed to help children who have a developmental delay or special need, and their families. Through collaboration with families and related service providers, supportive practices for infants and toddlers who receive EI services can be implemented within existing routines and across environments.

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APPLES I-Care Newsletter

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The Marshmallow Test: What It Tells Us About Kids With ADHD and Self-Control

Research shows that self-control is learned best through play and physical activity. Playing games promotes self-control, especially games where children have to listen to the rules, pay attention when the rules change and not act on autopilot. Two great examples are Simon Says and Red Light/Green Light.

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Time to Sign up for the 3rd Annual Early Childhood Connections Conference at Garrett College

Our very own Megan Ganoe, APPLES Quality Enhancement Manager, will be presenting Preschool Math from the Dollar Store. This is a training and networking day for anyone who touches the life of a child.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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