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Washington County Gives 2016!

Washington County Gives


On Tuesday, May 3, Washington County Gives will host 24 hours of giving - an on-line "give-a-thon" for participating non-profit agencies.

On this day, we ask you to support APPLES for Children with your donations. Today, we ask you to spread the word about Washington County Gives.  Like us on Facebook, forward this email, or both!

Spread the word to:

  • Anyone who has used LOCATE: Child Care to search for child care or advertise his or her child care program.
  • Anyone who has relied on a child care provider to care for his or her child.
  • Anyone who employs mothers, fathers, grandparents, or foster parents who use reliable, state-regulated child care services so that they can work without worrying about their children.
  • Anyone who has read APPLES for Children's newsletter, The Courier, or participated in a low-cost workshop to learn about caring for and educating young children.
  • Anyone who has called APPLES for Children for help - on all kinds of topics, from opening a child care program to caring for a child with challenging behaviors.

Spread the word - that the adults who care for and educate young children matter.  APPLES for Children is here to support those adults - families, caregivers, and teachers.

One May 3, visit to donate to APPLES for Children, Inc.  and other non-profit agencies!

Washington County Gives is sponsored by the Washington County Community Foundation. For more information visit

Help us get the hashtag going!  #EveryGiveCOUNTS