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April 2018


What's in Their Backpack? The Impact of Trauma

This engaging workshop discusses the affects and impact that trauma can have on the brain. It not only affects children in the moment, but throughout life if gone untreated.  By understanding the effects of trauma on the brain, we can gain insight into  children’s behavior.   Core of Knowledge: 3 Hours Child Development $30.00


Why Play Matters

Why Play Matters This interactive training will seek to build participants knowledge and understanding of the importance of play in the physical, cognitive and social development of children. This training will discuss the various aspects of play and the roles that each type plays in the growth and development in children. This training will conclude with discussing strategies for integrating  developmentally appropriate practices into curriculum and daily activities to meet the individual...


A Play On Literacy

discusses the literacy developmental milestones for ages 6 months through 5 years. It is an in depth training on how to implement literacy into the classroom environment for more meaningful activities, and how to assess children’s literacy development. It also includes information on how to implement adaptions for children with disabilities. 2 hours of Curriculum $20.00


A Sense of Place: Human Geography in the Early Childhood Classroom

Developing a sense of place through geographic experiences helps build the social and emotional foundation children need and will one day use as adults. Core of Knowledge: 2 Hours Curriculum  


Get Up! Get Out! Preschoolers in Motion

In this workshop, participants will list and understand the benefits of structured physical activity for preschooler, describe the influence of physical activity in early care and education (ECE) settings and describe how ECE programs can support children's Physical Activity through structured activities. Participants will also identify strategies and how to implement lesson plans using SPARK curriculum to improve the Physical Activity environment in their classroom. Core of Knowledge: 3 Hours...


STEAM on a Budget: Creating Fun, Inexpensive, and Interesting STEAM Activities for School-Aged Children

In this training, participants will teach how to develop, plan and create an environment that supports STEM education, plan play-based STEM activities that are integrated with other content areas and across multiple domains and planning, implement and facilitate STEM activities so that activities are appropriate, culturally responsive and adaptable for youth with differing abilities.  Core of Knowledge: 2 hours Curriculum