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October 2018


Maryland EXCELS: Get to Know 2.0

Maryland EXCELS: Getting to Know 2.0 New changes to the Maryland EXCELS website Core of Knowledge: 2 hours Professionalism $FREE


STEAM on a Budget: Creating Fun, Inexpensive, and Interesting STEAM Activities for School-Aged Children

In this training, participants will teach how to develop, plan and create an environment that supports STEM education, plan play-based STEM activities that are integrated with other content areas and across multiple domains and planning, implement and facilitate STEM activities so that activities are appropriate, culturally responsive and adaptable for youth with differing abilities.  Core of Knowledge: 2 hours Curriculum


Ants in Their Pants: Teaching Children Who Must Move to Learn

Kinesthetic learners are naturally active and have a lot of energy to expend. The ideas and strategies in this workshop will help the child care professional work with and meet the needs of all children in their care, especially the kinesthetic learner COK: 3 hours Curriculum   $30.00


All Children are Gifted

Understanding the special needs of children prepares child development professionals to create environments and programs for the children in their care. COK: 2 hours Special Needs


Anti-Bias Cultural Competence Awareness

Everyone has a cultural, ethnic, racial, linguistic and/or religious heritage that influences their beliefs, values and behaviors.   Creating culturally competent programs that are responsive to the staff members, community and families served can reduce possible conflicts and provides multiple benefits for everyone. Participants will identify and develop strategies to promote cultural competence. COK: 3 hours Community


Exploring Math Concepts with Children's Books

Literature is an ideal vehicle to help young children see the importance of numbers and math concepts in their daily lives.  This workshop explores the many ways of creating a classroom environment that stimulates mathematical thinking, and preparing fun math activities based on children’s literature. COK: 3 hours Curriculum


Story Stretchers for Infants and Toddlers

Infants and toddlers are naturally curious about the world around them, children’s literature is a great tool to enhance this curiosity. In this workshop we will look at various children’s books and extension activities to help our youngest learners gain a better understanding of the story. COK: 2 hours Curriculum